The African Violet Multi Plant DIY The African Violet Multi Plant DIY

The African Violet Multi Plant DIY

I’m absolutely stoked with my African Violets experiment.

By putting a cluster of 4 mature plants into one large bowl, I have achieved what I’ve always wanted with African Violets and that is a magnificent varietal display.

Amazingly 3 of the 4 plants are blooming and thriving in the indirect sunlight they get each day. The fourth plant is a tad lazy and is showing no signs of blooms – if it does it should have light pink petals.

The leaves are a lush fresh green and the presentation measures about 55cm in diameter as shown in the photograph – the actual measurement of the bowl on its own is about 40cm.

From the photo you can see outer leaves spreading high above – these leaves will be snipped and used to propagate new baby plants.

African Violets, like succulents, just keep on giving. Each time a leaf drops off or is knocked off by accident, all you have to do is drop it into a little soil, and ‘Viola!’ you will have a new little baby plant ready to take up your spare time!

Yes! African Violets are time-consuming because you can’t help but fuss around them. You tend to get up each morning and turn the plant so each section gets to feel beautiful sunlight. And Yes! You will take time just hovering around your plants waiting for those buds to appear. And when they finally arrive, you can’t help but just stand and admire their beautiful bejeweled petals. They really are awe-inspiring and the time you put into them will be highly rewarding.

My next experiment is going to be with five mature plants, each with a different color, and I can’t wait to see the results.

I would love to hear from anyone who has placed many African Violets in one bowl and I would love you to share the results with all of our fellow enthusiasts.

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