My Blue Tongue Lizard Friend My Blue Tongue Lizard Friend

My Blue Tongue Lizard Friend

A Tale of Unexpected Friendship
As I sit in my garden, the sun warming my skin, I find myself sharing this space with an unexpected friend – a blue tongue lizard. This isn’t your typical garden companion, but he’s become a cherished part of my daily routine.

An Unusual Encounter
I first noticed him one morning while tending to my succulents. There, basking in the sunlight, was a creature unlike any I’d seen before. His scales shimmered in the light. His most striking feature was his vibrant blue tongue, flicking in and out as he explored his surroundings.

A Growing Bond
Over time, our paths crossed more frequently. I would find him sunning himself on the garden path or hiding amongst the foliage. He seemed to have made himself quite at home in my garden, and I found myself looking forward to these encounters.
Despite his intimidating appearance, I found him to be quite gentle and even a little shy. He never posed a threat or caused any trouble. Instead, he seemed content to share the garden with me, each of us going about our day in peaceful coexistence.

Lessons from a Lizard
This unlikely friendship has taught me so much. It’s shown me that beauty can be found in the most unexpected places and that we can form connections with the most unlikely of creatures.

A Cherished Companion
Now, I can’t imagine my garden without my blue tongue lizard friend. He’s become a constant in my life, a source of joy and fascination. I look forward to our quiet moments together, each of us enjoying the tranquility of the garden in our own way.
So here’s to unexpected friendships – a cherished companion in my garden of life.

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