My African Violet Adventure My African Violet Adventure

Growing African Violets In Clusters

My African Violet Happy Adventure

Growing African Violets in clusters started as a curiosity & a happy hobby, I embarked on a grand experiment by repotting my 4 healthy African Violets into a single massive container. The results have been spectacular with two out of the four plants have created beautiful blooms—one a royal purple, and the other a delicate, satin-petaled pink. The third plant is taking its time, but showing promising signs of a bloom, while the fourth is a tad lazy and seems to relish the harmony of its leafy companions. This makes me happy.

Have you ever wanted to grow African Violets?

Positioned near a window, the planter basks in the morning rays for approximately two hours, followed by abundant natural light throughout the day. Its watering schedule is once every 10 days due to the substantial soil volume that retains moisture.

The Origins of African Violets

Natural Growing Area

African Violets have rightfully earned their place on many window sills and in greenhouses. These charming indoor flowers captivate with their compactness, aesthetics, and excellent flowering. However, there’s a common misconception: most people mistakenly call them “violets,” even though they share little resemblance with the true violet plants.

These delightful plants hail from Africa, and thrive in humid climates, often near waterfalls and river terraces. 

Legends and Superstitions

Interestingly, there are legends about the origin of African Violets on the slopes of African mountains. One legend suggests that they sprouted from the tears of Adam, transforming into “Saintpaulias” as they came to be named.

These captivating plants continue to enchant us with their beauty and resilience, whether we believe in legends or not.


Next time you admire an African Violet on your windowsill, remember its rich history and the journey that brought it from the African mountains to your home. These delightful plants serve as a testament to nature’s creativity and our fascination with the world of flora.

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