How to create a very unique vegetable patch How to create a very unique vegetable patch

Create a very unique vegetable patch

‘Tired’ of buying ordinary veggies from the store? Learn how to create a very unique vegetable patch

Come with me as I show you how to get rid of your spare tyre and eat fresher and healthier while you have fun in the garden.

Here’s how it started –

Each Christmas our family exchanges Kris Kringle gifts and we each try to outdo each other creatively by giving each other crazy and quirky gifts – I got presented with an old car tyre…

I was thoroughly excited about my gift. My family found my reaction amusing and wondered why I appreciated this particular gift so much. But I saw it as an exciting opportunity to get creative in my garden.

I placed the tyre in a perfect position to take advantage of the morning sun.

The tyre was filled with rich soil right to the top.

Every beautiful earthworm was invited personally to join the party at my very unique vegetable patch.

The whole family loves green vegetables so there was no need for a committee meeting to decide what our team of earthworms were going to be charged with caretaking.

In went a packet of mixed Asian greens seeds and within a few anxious days, out popped a heap of pretty seedlings ready to shine in the sunlight.

The location and tyre bed proved to be ideal as the assortment of plants loved its space and has flourished beautifully.

I heartily recommend tyre bed gardening for a very unique vegetable patch and if you would like to try your hand at it, here’s how you go –

Make sure the soil content is half soil and half gravel mix. This is so that the soil can drain easily otherwise the plants will get waterlogged and will rot.

Also, pick a nice sunny spot for your very unique vegetable patch before you start as once it’s filled it is not easy to move around like pots.

It is such fun plucking these fresh greens and adding them to a delicious Tom Yum noodle meal!

Below is a photo of my creative and very unique vegetable patch.

I hope this adds inspiration for all of you to try!

Bon Apetit Tyre People!

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