Upcycling Old Furniture For Garden Beauties Upcycling Old Furniture For Garden Beauties

Upcycling Old Furniture For Garden Use

Join us in transforming mundane furniture into delightful containers for your favorite plants.

Ingenious Ways to Create Garden Planters


As spring blooms and gardening enthusiasts eagerly prepare their outdoor spaces, why not embark on a creative journey by repurposing old furniture into stunning garden planters? Not only does this eco-friendly approach breathe new life into forgotten pieces, but it also adds charm and character to your green oasis. In this article, we’ll explore various ways to transform mundane furniture items into captivating containers for your beloved plants.

  1. Chair Planter
    Description: Convert an old, weathered chair into an unblemished succulent planter. The juxtaposition of rustic wood and vibrant greenery creates an eye-catching focal point in any garden.

How-To: Remove any broken parts, sand down rough edges, and apply a fresh coat of paint. Fill the seat with well-draining soil and arrange your favorite succulents or trailing vines.

  1. Dresser Planter
    Description: An old dresser can become a multi-tiered planter, perfect for cascading flowers or herbs. The drawers serve as individual planting compartments.

How-To: Sand and paint the dresser to match your garden aesthetic. Line each drawer with landscape fabric, add soil, and plant your chosen greenery. Stack the drawers to create a charming vertical display.

  1. Wooden Table Planter
    Description: Transform a wooden table into a unique tree planter. Drill a hole in the tabletop, allowing a young tree sapling to grow through it.

How-To: Choose a sturdy table, preferably one with sentimental value. Dig a hole in the center, ensuring it’s deep enough for the tree’s roots. Plant the sapling and watch it thrive.

  1. Cedar Ladder Planter
    Description: Craft a vertical cedar ladder planter. The rungs provide ample space for potted plants, herbs, or trailing vines.

How-To: Assemble a cedar ladder (or build one) with evenly spaced rungs. Hang small pots or containers from each rung, creating a delightful display.

  1. Plants in Drawers
    Description: Repurpose an old vanity, dresser, or chest of drawers by turning its compartments into charming planters.

How-To: Remove the drawers and line them with plastic or landscape fabric. Fill with soil and plant colorful annuals or herbs. Arrange the drawers in your garden or on a sunny windowsill.

  1. Window Planter
    Description: Salvage a single-pane window and transform it into a rustic window planter.

How-To: Clean the glass thoroughly and attach wooden brackets to support the window. Fill with soil and plant trailing flowers or herbs. Hang it outside your kitchen window for a picturesque view.

Join the Discussion

Share your own furniture-to-planter transformations with us in the comments below. Have you repurposed an old piece of furniture into a garden gem? Let’s inspire each other with our green-thumb creativity!
Remember, each piece of furniture holds a story, and by repurposing it, you’re weaving a new chapter into your garden’s narrative. Happy planting! Also feel free to check out our video channel.

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